What type of Social Media User Are You?

There is a lot more to social media then what meets the eye.

A study done by the loyalty management firm Aimia proposes that social media needs to be used as a customer service platform based around 6 social media personality types. These personality types are based on the number times a person logs on to a social media site and the number of social media sites a user is actively involved in.

The 6 categories of social media users are: 1. No Shows 2. Newcomers 3. Onlookers 4. Cliquers 5. Mix-n-Minglers and 6. Sparks.

Aimia developed their study to show how understanding and using the different social media personalities could build more accurate and stable loyalty among consumers.

Considering the huge role social media plays in today’s society, could this  study be applied to libraries to encourage and keep more loyal members?

Read a Summary of the study, “The 6 Types of Social Media Users”

Read the full study, “Staring At the Sun: Identifying, Understanding and Influencing Social Media Users”

Photo from socialpeel.com

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