The Hidden Library: Building the Innisfree Public Library 1

by Sheila Whitmore


Innisfree’s village sign promotes the village as “the hidden village”, but it could just as easily be called “the can do village”. The residents of the tiny village will soon be accessing their own village library. March 2011 saw the formation of the Village of Innisfree Library Board, and now the ten member board, along with the Friends of the Innisfree Library and volunteers from the village are busy getting ready for the library’s official opening.

The Innisfree Agricultural Society graciously stepped forward to offer 1200 square feet of space in their Millennium Building to house the library. The building was originally a school circa 1940, and a key principal of all the renovations currently being undertaken is to keep as much of the original character of the building as possible. The original hardwood floors are being repaired and refinished, and there are plans to retrofit new windows with the same dimensions as the originals.

Village residents have been generous in their support for the new library, donating books, silent auction items, furnishings, shelving, and much needed cash. Volunteer labour will complete the renovations, including an accessible entrance to the building that will make it possible for everyone to access not only the new library but also the other club rooms hosted in the building. There’s something for everyone at the Village of Innisfree Library and everyone is anticipating the official opening scheduled for this summer.

Visit the Innifree Public Library website!

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One thought on “The Hidden Library: Building the Innisfree Public Library

  • Natalia Toroshenko

    Congratulations to all in the wonderful (albeit hidden) Village of Innisfree on the occasion of the establishment of your public library and board! The development and birth of your library is a testiment to the fighting spirit of the residents of Innisfree and area, who understand the absolute value in access to information and intellectual freedom in today’s global village. I look forward to visiting your library soon. Welcome!

    Natalia Toroshenko
    Councillor, Town of Vegreville
    Vice-Chair, Northern Lights Library System
    former President, Alberta Library Trustees Association
    former Chair, Vegreville Centennial Library Board