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The Alberta Library Trustees Association (ALTA) was founded in 1971, and represents the library boards and trustees that govern public libraries in Alberta. We serve over 2400 volunteer library trustees across Alberta who provide governance to over 165 library boards across the province. ALTA is the collective voice for library trustees across Alberta and promotes effective library service and leadership through training, resources, communication and advocacy. We actively support trustees to become strong leaders in their library communities and strive to ensure that all library trustees have access to the information, resources and education they need to be effective and strong leaders within their library communities.

Belief Statement

The Alberta Library Trustees' Association believes that library services are essential to the quality and standard of life of Albertans and vital to the education, social, and cultural development of the province.

Mission Statement

ALTA is the collective voice for library trustees. ALTA builds trustee capacity through education, leadership, communication, partnerships, and collaboration.

Vision Statement

Effective Library Board Trustees providing leadership for great community library services to all Albertans.

Who is on the ALTA Board?

The ALTA Board consists of:

  • President, elected annually from the entire membership.
  • Vice-President and Treasurer, elected at the first meeting after the AGM from among the Directors.
  • One Director from each of the eight regions on the map below. Even and odd-numbered regions elect Directors in alternate years.
  • One Director each from Edmonton and Calgary Public Library Boards, appointed annually.


ALTA Committees

ALTA operates through five standing committees:

  • Executive: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Executive Director. Responsible for acting on behalf of the Board between meetings.
  • Operations: Responsible for the financial affairs of the Board, personnel, bylaws and policy development.
  • Advocacy and Engagement: Promotes ALTA's liaison with government, other agencies, local trustees, and supporters of public libraries. Identifies political issues and develops effective lobbying and advocacy strategies.
  • Trustee Education and Resources: Oversees The Trustee Voice (ALTA's newsletter); responsible for information brochures, ALTA website, The Alberta Library Trustees' Association Handbook, as well as any other information packages prepared for the membership.
  • Trustee Recognition: Oversees ALTA awards and recognizes ongoing excellence in the Library community.


ALTA Works to Achieve Its Goals

  • Development and sponsorship of workshops and seminars for library trustees across Alberta.
  • Joint sponsorship, with library and system Boards, of local workshops.
  • Joint sponsorship of the annual Alberta Library Conference with the Library Association of Alberta (LAA).
  • Frequent communication with our membership.
  • Advocacy for library issues and active participation in significant projects in the library world.
  • Regular interaction with our provincial, national, and international library associations.
  • Liaison with other provincial cultural groups and literary associations.
  • A positive relationship with the Public Library Services Branch, Alberta Municipal Affairs.


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ALTA - Who We Are

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